Case Studies

Case 1
A client from the hospitality industry, wanted to sell their small business but was worried about the tax implications. We helped them structure the sale so that there was no tax payable.

Case 2
A client came to us with a complicated structure which included a number of companies and trusts and a self-managed superannuation fund. We worked closely with both the client and their solicitor to build an appropriate estate plan which met all of our client’s goals and intentions.

Case 3
A new client with several companies and trusts was facing potentially disastrous tax consequences moving forward. We identified the issues, assisted the client in understanding their structure, eased their stress and confusion, and managed their affairs for the future.

Case 4
A self-funded retiree client who receives an overseas annuity had previously been given incorrect tax advice by their previous accountant. We liaised with the overseas investment company, the ATO and the overseas revenue department to correct the errors made in prior years, and resolved this matter for our client.

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